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New Bio plastic companies are springing up across North and South America. While several establish fortune 500 companies are investing heavily in bioplastics and organic plastics.

Trellis Earth a manufacturer of deli containers and  BioPlastic Tall Kitchen Trash Liner.  Trellis earth has purchased  the assets of  Cereplast and is hiring for their Seymour Plant in Indiana.







Bio Tech Environmental  produces EcoPure an additive that accelerate the biodegradation of plastic.  EcoPure is used in mant consumer products.

Worldcentric is have a special promotion on their Bioplastic Products.

Bgreen Today has one of the largest selection of BioPlastic Utensils and Products on the Internet


 Purac , part of a larger company Corbion is active in  green chemicals, with a focus on natural food ingredients, and biodegradable monomers for PLA.

One company to take a good look at is Solazyme is developing special growing chambers for producing cost efficient green algae. The green algae would make a great bioplastic resin.